The History of a location, our soul…


From 1880 until these days


Marius Michel, Count Michel de Pierredon is a foam born in Sanary became director of the lighthouses and beacons of the Ottoman Empire. After obtaining the concession of the quays, docks and warehouses of the commercial port of Istanbul he acquires the honorary title of “Pacha of the Ottoman Empire”, that is why he is better known under the name of Michel Pacha.

He became mayor of Sanary in 1865 where he built his residence in 1872 and wanted to turn the district into a seaside resort.

In 1879, he settled in Tamaris in order to create a popular seaside resort, tinged with orientalism.

He gradually acquired 80 hectares of land to realize his dream. For 10 years, he developed the parks of Sablettes and Tamaris. “The Builder” was born.

He built the first casino, which functioned from 1887.

With the opening of the Grand Hotel, the following year, the success of the district is achieved. In 1895, a second casino was built in Tamaris.


Tamaris and Les Sablettes remained a high-society party and holiday resort until the war of 1914, which ended the Belle Epoque.

In “Les Sablettes” the activity resumed in 1920.

The Casino des Sablettes received a favorable opinion for the request of Games: it is the beginning of a multitude of parties and events that will animate the neighborhood. Authorization to operate is extended until 1941.

During the year 1943-1944, the Casino des Sablettes was completely destroyed.

In 1946, the Casino resumed relatively quickly its activities with an authorization of reopening. The building is rebuilt in 1952, at the exact location of the old one.

 The Grand Hotel will be spared as the Germans make their headquarters here.

From 1958, a multitude of evenings, concerts and other events took place during the decade.

The hotel is closed to customers in 1967 and will no longer accommodate guests for 50 years.


2017: Le Grand hotel des Sablettes-Plage, THE NEW ERA

« Dream big enough not to lose sight of them »

Stéphane Lelièvre and his family, passionate about welcoming and in love with their homeland, decided to begin a challenging project in 2016 to revive this monument and give it back its prestige of the Golden Age. The renovation was done with the concern to keep the original spirit of the establishment by carrying out works respectfully to the neoclassical identity of the building. With its white façade echoing the azure blue of the sea, the Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plage is a veritable balcony on the Mediterranean that offers a life as before, like the great hours of a tourist and historical destination of the 19th century.

The History of a Family

“Our passion for our profession, our love for our region and the desire to expand the family business have incited us to a new challenge that we will try to meet at best: reopen a former high-end hotel and give it back its prestige in the metropolis that saw our family grow. ”

“I am happy and proud to fulfill this dream of a child: open a high-end hotel and give it back its soul of the Golden Age. Our region deserves the best, which is why I am even more proud to collaborate with the global and prestigious Hilton Worldwide group which does us the honor to add my new Grand Hotel des Sablettes-Plage to its CURIO – a Collection By Hilton brand. ”